Indie Film Lab Road Trip

We’re gonna have a little #throwbackthursday on the blog today. It has almost been a year since I went on a road trip with the rest of the guys at Indie Film Lab. We drove an RV from Montgomery, Alabama all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada for Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. WPPI is a photography conference and expo that takes place at the MGM Grand in Vegas. Some of the places that we went were Memphis, TN;  Amarillo, TX; Durango, CO;  Monument Valley, UT; the Grand Canyon and we ended the trip in Las Vegas, NV.

Initially, we decided to drive the RV out there just to take cool pictures and some video of the western states, since most of us hadn’t been out that way. We had no idea that we would end up creating a full length documentary.  We met a lot of really awesome photographers along our way and decided to interview some of them, simply asking them to give us reasons why they still use film in their photography and what they love about it. The documentary, “Long Live Film”, is produced by Luke Lindgren and Indie Film Lab and is also sponsored by Kodak. Our purpose in producing the film was to show that film is still alive and still used by many photographers around the world. Overall, the entire trip was amazing! Being stuck on a RV with four other guys was an experience that I will never forget.

You should definitely check out the documentary below and go read Indie’s feature on the Kodak blog.


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